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Choosing a hosting provider

Websites are hosted on servers provided by hosting companies. While it is technically possible to host a website from a home or office, it is not worth the effort for a someone starting off new because of the technical effort involved in setting up and maintaining the infrastucture and also because it is far more economical and reliable to host the site at a dedicated web server provided by a hosting service provider.

There are many choices available when it comes to hosting and most hosting providers offer great service for an attractive price. Before choosing any hosting plan, it is important to be clear about what kind of resources the site will need. These include:

  1. Disk space: Will the site need lots of disk space? If the site has large files that the visitors can download, then disk space on the host should be sufficient for that.

  2. Bandwidth: Is the site expected to take up a lot of bandwidth? A lot of bandwidth will be required if either the site has lots of visitors or if the site offers large files or videos for the visitor. If the answer to this question is unknown, then it is best to go with the cheapest plan available and then scale up as the site grows.

  3. Kind of hosting: Is windows hosting required or is Linux hosting sufficient? If the answer to this is unknown, choose Linux hosting. Windows hosting will be needed if the website uses windows platform technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP). For the site's developer, there is just a small thing to keep in mind for Linux hosting - the file names are case sensitive. So, if a file name is "home.html", it will not load if the browser calls for "Home.html".

Other than these, there may be specific requirements like email accounts, support for Wordpress or other Content Management Systems (CMSs) or database requirements. Most hosting sites provide a great feature set these days covering the most common requirements.

Hosting sites also help with registering the domain name, sometimes for free. Compare hosting plans from different providers to see what works best for your specific needs. The prices for hosting range start from as low as $4 per week. Also look out for deals provided by different providers. was hosted with Clever Internet in Singapore for many years and then moved to Arvixe when the bandwidth requirements increased.

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