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Marketing a web site

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In the initial days of internet, having a website was sufficient and "build it and they will come" approach was more successful. Those days are past and these days, it is important to make an effort to make the site known.

While I am no marketer, I have learnt of a few methods over the time I ran my site.

There a different ways of marketing a site, including free and paid methods. The first and foremost way is to try and get a good ranking on search engines. That depends on how unique the site is and how many back links it has. So having good, unique content is the first step to market a web site - a good product often sells itself.

Other ways are to use social media such as social bookmarking sites and social media sites. It requires some effort but often is often worth it.

Writing articles on on-line platforms such as e-zine can be a good way to drive traffic towards content rich sites. Participating in on-line forums and communities helps too. There are also sites that provide press release services that can be used to spread the word around.

Finally, the "old fashioned" ways like word of mouth, having visiting cards with the site name and email signatures are still effective methods of marketing.

The other option is to use paid methods. Google Adwords is a good way to get started, it provides good control on budgeting. With Adwords, one can strart with a small budget and scale up depending on the success of the advertising campaign. Unfortunately, the popularity of Adwords means that it can get expensive to buy adversiting on Adwords.

For sites selling goods and services, one can also do offline advertising such as advertising in print magazine, news papers and radio or television.