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Measure a site's performance

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It is important to keep track of how well a website is doing. I have been surprised to see many people who do not now how to do this.

A hosting provider provides many tools that helps see how a website is doing. The important performance metrics for a website are:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Visitor loyalty (number of repeat visitors)
  • Number of pages visited per site
  • Time spent on the site

Other important metrics are:

  • Most popular pages
  • Countries from where most of the traffic is generated
  • Any error pages

A popular package that provides this information is Awstats which is provided by many hosting providers.

Another popular and widely used analysis package is Google Analytics. It requires a bit of code to be added to each page of the site. Google Analytics then provides detailed reports of various metrics. It can also be integrated with e-commerce goals for a website.

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