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Monetise a Website

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The objective of many web developers is to make money through their websites. While it is possible to make good money through web sites, it is not a quick route to success. It takes patience and a fair amount of work before reasonable revenue is achieved. In most cases, the key to good revenue is good traffic. The more the traffic, the more the chances of good revenue.

There are many different ways to monetise a website. The following are a few of the choices available to a web developer.

1. Advertising: This is the simplest option and just requires adding a bit of code from the provider. Google Adsense leads the pack by a long shot but there are other alternatives too. Adbrite and Chitika are two alternatives to Adsense. The revenue from these depends on the genre of the site and the demand for the keywords. For instances, a site on health and medicine is likely to make far more than that dealing with photographs. If the sole purpose of a site is to make money from adverstising, it is best to find out which keywords work best and build a site based on those.

The common question that comes to anyone's mind regarding ads is - why don't I click my own ads? This is obviously something that ad service providers have thought through. Lots of clicks from the same IP address will result in a ban for the publisher. The bigger reason for not doing that though, is that it defeats the whole purpose of having a monetised website. Clicking on ads all the time is the same as a full time job and likely to be one that does not pay well either, it is better to do a normal job than click on ads.

2. Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are programs where a web site owner acts as a salesperson for someone selling goods or services. The owner is paid a commission for sales made through the site. For example, owners can be an affiliate for Amazon and sell books relevant to their site's topic. Affiliate commissions can range be pretty attractive and for a site drawing lots of visitors, it can be a good source of income.

3. Selling products or services: A site can be a small business directly selling goods to visitors. The simplest product a publisher can sell is an e-book. Many tools and services are available to assist the site owner in selling goods. E-junkie is a good platform and well suited for beginers.

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