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First Cheque!

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Revenue increased steadily as I implemented the new ad layout on the site and soon I had more than $100 in my adsense account. The publishers only get paid after their balance reaches $100, so it was time to get my first cheque! I was waiting for that day for 3 long years and it was a great feeling to know that some money was finally coming!!

With such a long wait, I wanted to take a copy of the cheque and keep it as a record. Unfortunately, I never got to see the cheque! The cheque was eventually collected by my friend and he wanted to make sure I get the money quickly so he deposited it promptly before I could ask him to make a copy.

It was still a great feeling though. Shortly after that, I recieved some consulting work based on some of the apps on my website, and another cheque came for that too. It did not feel as good as the first one - maybe because it was expected and hence not a surprise.

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