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The Dreams

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Reading so many success stories of others prompted the obvious question - could I do the same with my website? Just like others, I could add Google ads to my site and make a pile of money. Couldn't say how much but if I get a lot of traffic perhaps even enough to make a living! In the worst case, I will certainly cover the hosting costs and have a bit of pocket money.

Obviously, it would all depend on traffic. How much traffic could I expect to get? To start the site, I was planning to start with one engineering app (Function Analysis) and build up more over time. The first app would be of use to engineering students of all disciplines. So, my estimate for the traffic was as follows:

There are, lets say a 1,000 major universities offering engineering around the world.

Each of these universities would have at least 100 students learning undergraduate engineering maths at any point of time. So, my target audience is 1,000 x 100 = 100,000 students on any given day.

Now, even if just 1 in 100 of those looks up the internet for an app like this and comes to my site, I can get 100,000 x 1% = 1,000 visitors per day!!

And that is just counting engineering students alone, there could also be practicing engineers who would visit the site. And then, these visitors would surely love what they see, inform their friends, share them on social media leading to a huge increase in visits from there! And that is just one app - imagine what would happen if I add more!

And how much money can 1,000 visitors a day bring in? A lot, going by the many stories I read. Never imagined that making money could be that easy!

And the dreams kept better - imagine what I could do with the money! And I might be famous on the internet too! I kept enjoying the dreams for a while and procrastinating on actually building the site, but one weekend I registered with a hosting provider, put up a "site under construction" web page,  signed up with Google Adsense and started working on the first app and its web page. A couple of weekends later, and after some more procrastination, it was all done and good to go. My site was ready!

Time to realize the dream!

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