Journey from hobby website to microbusiness

Starting E-commerce

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When the apps that were targeted towards industrial users started getting visitors and feedback, I knew that the next logical step would be to expand the site to sell products that would be of benefit to industry. I started the App store in April 2013.

This was a big step for me. I had no experience in selling and none in marketing either. I started slow, offering my first product for just $9 and including money back guarantees for the products. I had no idea about how well this would do and it was a thrill to see the first purchase go through. The excitement earning $9 was so much more than getting my monthly pay! I subsequently added more products to the site, they all do occassional sales, which is not bad considering that I do not actively market them.

I tried using Google Adwords for marketing, but I have not tracked it well to see its effectiveness. I plan to do so over time and will update this site with my findings.

Selling digital products on websites is surprisingly easy. Many good and cheap services are available, which take care of product delivery, collection of payment and invoicing.

For my site I started with E-junkie, which charges a flat fee of $5 a month and primarily uses Paypal. It works well for individuals as lot of people have Paypal accounts these days but it does not work well if the payment is to be made by a commercial organisation. For that, I use GumRoad, which does not charge any monthly fee, but charges 5% of every sale. Both seem to be working well.

I receive good feedback and comments on the products, and I will eventually go to the next step from here, which is to migrate the app store to a dedicated business site.

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