Journey from hobby website to microbusiness

Epilogue and Key Lessons

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My web journey has been long with many plesant and not-so-pleasant experiences along the way. It has mostly been fun and exciting and certainly a fantastic learning experience. I am now able to help other enginees and small business owners with their websites.

The key lessons I can share with a non-professional who wants to try developing a website are:

  1. If you have unique content or idea, you are on a good track. The hard part is to figure out if others want the same content and there is no easy was to find that out. Sometimes you just have to jump in and try.

  2. Traffic is the lifeline for any website. Always work on getting traffic first before thinking of other things like making money.

  3. I thought that "Build it and they will come" approach would work for me, but it didn't. It is hard for that to happen unless you idea is really that great. Good content and some marketing is essential, especially these days when there are thousands of new pages coming out every day.

  4. Making money from a simple advertising method such as Google Adsense will work. It may not necessarily make a lot of money, but it should not be very hard to cover the site's hosting costs.

  5. Lots of new developments happen all the time in this field, for instance new social sharing methods and new devices for displaying web content are being developed and improved. New technologies come with new opportunities, think of how you can use these to improve your site's traffic, revenue or product sales.

The biggest learning for me personally was that success in this field does not come easy - be prepared for a long run. The journey though, will be a lot of fun. Enjoy!