Journey from hobby website to microbusiness


25 Feb 2015

I started the site (now about 7 years ago. When I started the site, I did not know many other fellow engineers or friends who knew much about website building. I had so many questions when I started:

  • How do I build a site?
  • How much traffic can I get on the site?
  • Can a website make money? Could it be a lot (meaning enough to live off)?
  • How do I market the site? Does social networking work?

I learnt a lot of things the hard way as I worked on the site. Today I find so many of my friends asking me these exact same questions as they wonder if they should be setting up a site. I realised that inspite of there being millions of web pages out there, it is still hard for people to get the views of someone who has tried this firsthand. And that sparked the idea for this site.

There are a lot of success stories out there on the internet and lot of sites telling people how they get lots and lots of traffic and make a fair bit of money too. However, what is often not mentioned is the story of how hard it is for a typical site to achieve such goals, what the challenges are and how it is often not as easy as one things. This site tries to cover this gap by sharing the experience of a "not that successful" site first hand.

So this is not a success story by any means. At the time of writing, gets about 10,000 visitors a month and about 25,000 page views - numbers that seemed like an impossible dream for many years. The screenshot below shows the site statistics for at the time of writing this page (February 2015). This is from Google Analytics, whose metrics tend to me more conservative compared to others (like Awstats).

Web site statistics

Certainly these are not spectacular figures compared to the many success stories, but I think these are great figures for a site completely built on a part time basis and by someone starting off fumbling in the dark and mostly working solo, because he could not find anyone who could guide him along the path. In the crowded world of the internet, this is the story of a solo adventure.

Hopefully from this site you will get to learn a little bit from my experience. Feel free to contact me on or leave a comment on the site. (Note however, that I still work on my websites on a part time basis and may not be able to respond back promptly.)

Bon Voyage!

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