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The initial name for myy website was When I pointed this out to my friends, right on the first day some of them pointed out that the name had the words "sex" in it. I didn't think of it much and when I noticed that I could load the site up from different computers, I ignored it.

Over time, however, I started noticing that the site was blocked at many locations, especially government offices and some educations institutions, because of this name. It was getting blocked by network filters on the assumption that it was inappropriate for work. The site name was a mistake and I had to change it. I was forced to then purchase another domain name and migrate the old site to the new one. I also had to set up redirects to ensure that those visiting the old site would get redirected to the new one.

The change of name had an effect on the traffic, the traffic to the new site eventually hit about 50% more that the old one. I eventually found out that choosing the wrong  domain name can break a site. Another example that I noticed with this issue was, now renamed to

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