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The Wikipedia Story

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As I built more web pages on the site, I also started exploring ways for improving traffic. I tried different methods, some worked while others met with limited success. I found that writing articles on E-zine was a good way of promotion. I tried link exchanging with other sites but that did not seem to do much.

My app the Little Man Computer was attracting good feedback and drawing visitors. One of the visitors suggested that I add the link the the Wikipedia page on this topic. I did that and it did wonders for my traffic. Traffic increased by 20% from the very next day and kept at that level. I was thrilled and thought that this was an easy way to add traffic, so I added a few more links onto Wikipedia.

It worked well for a while - traffic went up by about 70%. I thought I wasn't doing anything wrong but I turns out that I was - adding too many links onto Wikipedia is considered spamming and in a few months time, the entire site was blacklisted by Wikipedia. Not only were all the links taken out, even the ones suggested by others were removed.

It was quite embarrassing. Over time, I tried to get their admin to remove the ban but apparently the punishment is lifelong! It was a lesson learnt the hard way.

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